A Web-based Large-scale Timelapse Editor for Interactive Storytelling (IEEE VIS 2015 Poster)

Scientists, journalists, and photographers have used advanced camera technology to capture extremely high resolution timelapses and developed information visualization tools for data exploration and analysis. However, it takes a great deal of effort for professionals to form and tell stories after exploring data, since these tools usually provide little aids in creating visual elements. We present a web-based timelapse editor to support the creation of guided video tours and interactive slideshows from a collection of large-scale spacial and temporal images. Professionals can embed these two visual elements into webpages in conjunction with various forms of digital media to tell multimodal and interactive stories.


Yen-Chia Hsu, Paul Dille, Randy Sargent, Christopher Bartley, Illah Nourbakhsh. A Web-based Large-scale Timelapse Editor for Creating and Sharing Guided Video Tours and Interactive Slideshows. IEEE Information Visualization Posters, 2015.


IEEE VIS 2015 Preview
Timelapse Editor

Creating a tour

You can use the tour editor to create a custom guided tour across space and time, share it online, or embed it into a webpage. See a demo for Amazon river meandering.

Creating a presentation slider

You can also create a presentation slider, a collection of your favorite locations. Then embed it into a webpage and tell your own story. See a demo for landscape changes along Taiwan’s coastline in two decades.

Keyframes and Transitions

The following video shows how to manipulate keyframes (add, insert, delete, update, and sort) and transitions (speed and duration) in the tour editor.

Time and Motion Control

The following videos show how you can control different camera motions. They include zooming, panning, pausing motion only, pausing time only, and pausing both motion and time.

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