AttentionBot: A Robot Keeping Human Attention AttentionBot’s purpose is to conduct researches in how to keep human attention. We are interested in communication inconsistency meaning that a person’s behaviors and speeches are inconsistent. In design field, people call the inconsistency “anti-affordance” meaning that the form and the function are unrelated. This leads to our research question: can anti-affordance robot designs … Continue reading AttentionBot: A Robot Keeping Human Attention


SENSEable Shoes – Hands-free and Eyes-free Mobile Interaction SENSEable Shoes is a hands-free and eyes-free foot-computer interface that supports on-the-go interaction with surrounding environments. We recognize different low-level activities by measuring the user’s continuous weight distribution over the feet with twelve Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) sensors embedded in the insoles of shoes. Using the sensor data as inputs, a Support Vector Machine … Continue reading SENSEable Shoes – Hands-free and Eyes-free Mobile Interaction

Draw-o-lin: A Music Visualizer for Violin Draw-o-lin is an interactive robot that visualizes music. The performer plays an electric violin connected to a computer. A Python program running on the computer uses Fast Fourier Transform to analyze the pitch and speed. Then the program sends wireless drawing commands to the mobile robot. The drawing patterns vary according to the performer … Continue reading Draw-o-lin: A Music Visualizer for Violin

GreenBreath: A Dynamic Green Facade Cities in tropical countries have specific requirements of deep eaves to avoid solar radiation and to prevent direct contact with the scalding sunlight in Taiwan. Therefore, dynamic green facades are invented to be dynamically adjusted by the data collected from the distributed sensor networks outside, and plant boards are placed on them to regulate the … Continue reading GreenBreath: A Dynamic Green Facade

Energy Harvesting Playground Energy harvesting playground is a tangible interaction playground for kids and adults to have fun together and to harvest human energy. There are four features in energy harvesting playground, each of them has different functions and components as following: 1. Self-Sufficient Power Supply While biking and seesawing, human energy can be turned into electric … Continue reading Energy Harvesting Playground

Architecture School Projects

Download Yen-Chia Hsu’s Architecture Related Project Collection (20MB) This is the collection of all architecture related projects that I have done from 2007~2010 in department of architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan. It includes a micro-city theory and its implementation in architecture, a skyscraper design extending the concept of micro-city theory, a dynamic facade … Continue reading Architecture School Projects